Checklist for purchasing an alarm system

Do you want to buy an alarm system? Then there are a lot of things to think about. It is of course important that it will do its job properly and that burglars or other criminals are warned in time. An alarm system usually includes smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors and cameras so that all suspicious activity is picked up. Do you want to be prepared for all situations? Then use the checklist below to make sure you buy an alarm system that works optimally in your home.

The preparation

Of course, you must first find a specialist who will install the alarmsystemen. You need to choose them carefully, especially if you expect quality. Use the checklist below to find the right specialist.

Find 6 companies in your area who can do the job for you.

Contact these companies and ask them for a quote.

Organize 6 visits to your home where the specialists can make an analysis of the safety and requirements.

Collect 6 quotations that have been drawn up as a result of these visits.

Check if all quotations are complete and if you understand everything. If in doubt, contact the specialist. Pay attention to the following parts.

The work: check whether the quotation clearly describes what the specialist wants to do.

The price: is it inclusive or exclusive of VAT, is it a definite price or a price indication, is there a down payment and so on.

The materials: how expensive are the materials, are they durable and qualitative, is it the alarm system you agreed upon?

Extra expenses: see if extra expenses are also mentioned, such as call-out charges. Sometimes these are only charged later, which means that you are more expensive out.
Make a comparison of the quotes and determine which specialist can give you the best ratio between price and quality.

Contact the specialist and plan the job.

The dots on the i

Now that you’ve decided who’s going to do the job, it’s time to decide how you’re going to do it. Discuss the following points with the alarm specialist.

When will the work take place?

How long will the work take?

Which parts should your alarm system contain?

Where should these parts be located?

Is the alarm system connected to the electricity system or does it work with batteries?

Where should the box of the alarm system be placed?

Do you also want a subscription to an incident room?

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